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Men: What Women Really Think About Your Body

Can you get away with those love handles? Read on to find out what is really important to women when it comes to your physical appearance!

Men, it may be tough abiding by the rules of the dating game, making initial contact and wooing women – but one thing to rejoice in is the fact that we are very forgiving when it comes to your physical characteristics! Plus — most of you don’t have to deal with cellulite!

Now, let us dispel myths about what is really important to us, as well as what the potential deal breakers could be when it comes to your appearance.

Myth: Women all want six-packs and bulging biceps
Reality: While most women can appreciate the Matthew McConaugheys and Brad Pitts of the world – when it comes to what they really want, they don’t mind if their guys have little love handles or some extra thickness around the waistline. For some reason, our society is much more forgiving of spare tires than “muffin tops.”

What is much more important to women is that their men are loving, complimentary and want to spend time with them. Most gals don’t want a guy that is vainer than they are – or spends countless hours in the gym. Taking care of oneself is definitely a desirable trait – but keeping things in balance and knowing how to enjoy life is also very refreshing and a big plus.

Myth: Pedicures, waxing and tweezing are just for women!
Reality: Women aren’t necessarily looking for a metrosexual, but basic physical maintenance and pride in ones appearance are very desirable. Guys — don’t be afraid to visit the nail salon and get a pedicure — you might actually like it. Other common female gripes are, “He has a unibrow” or “I couldn’t stop staring at the hair coming out of his nostrils!” There is definitely something to be said about basic physical upkeep – so invest in a hair trimmer and some nail clippers.

Myth: Long hair (like Fabio) is alluring and sexy
Reality: There are definitely exceptions out there – but for 85% of the male population over 25 – short hair is good hair! Men with ponytails and mullets should consider visiting the nearest barber shop, unless you are Willie Nelson, because it still works for him (like we said, there are exceptions). Another tip: the thinner your hair, the shorter it should be. Wearing your hair on the longish side when it is thinning only brings more attention to the fact that it is, in fact, thinning!

Another reality: On a societal level, men can breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to their bodies. The scrutiny that women face for not having the perfect shape or living up to standards deemed beautiful by the media is relentless. On a personal front – all most women want is a guy who takes pride in his appearance, is aware of personal hygiene, and takes good care to maintain a healthy physique for his overall wellbeing.

Of course, there are exceptions to all of these rules. Everyone has different preferences. If you fall outside of someone’s set of ideals than that is not an indictment of you – it just means that particular person is not the right one for you.

Ladies, we want to hear from you! What is most important physically when it comes to your partner? Is it great teeth? A full head of hair? Does any of that really matter to you?




Women, find out what men really think about your body now!