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Man Myths: Are They Standing Between You and a Great Relationship?

Some men carry around a collection of mythological “excuses” and inner beliefs that sabotage their chances of finding and keeping a great woman.

If you’re a guy who’s still looking for the relationship of your dreams, then tell me if this rings true for you: You’re totally convinced, deep down inside, that there’s a specific REASON for it.  It’s a reason that explains and excuses your challenges with dating great women and building great relationships. But guess what…for more guys than I can count, that “excuse” turns out to be completely false. A total myth.In fact, most men make it impossible to turn their love lives around because they accept one or more of these “myths” as an explanation of why they’re not succeeding with women.

That in mind, here come the top three man myths that keep too many guys from succeeding with the women of their dreams…

Man Myth #1:  “I need to be good looking to get a great woman.”

This myth is like a plague.  I wish I could wipe it out with a vaccine or something. Although some guys may focus on looks, women tend to focus more on “intangible” qualities like a guy’s personality, self esteem, and confidence…especially high quality women. To intelligent, interesting, attractive women, these traits are a far more rare and valuable commodity in a man than looking like Brad Pitt.

But here’s the best part: Becoming that kind of confident, secure man is actually a learnable skill.  It’s something that absolutely any guy can do. It simply takes a commitment to working on your “inner game” — AKA: how you feel about YOURSELF — that’s the basis of creating genuine, deep, long-lasting feelings of attraction in a woman. The easiest way to do it is to start doing something in your life that takes you outside of your “comfort zone.” So think outside the box about something you’ve always wanted to do, and START DOING IT. Start playing ice hockey. Learn to play chess competitively.  Become a wine aficionado.

Man Myth #2: “I need to ‘win’ a woman over.”

This myth boils down to the belief most men have that they can somehow “convince” or “persuade” a woman to feel attraction for them through gifts, favors, expensive dinners or whatever. But the FACT is this: At best, doing these things only makes a woman start to feel that “I’ll be your friend” kind of love. At worst, they can make a woman run for the hills because a man’s “crowding her,” even “creeping her out” with his constant attempts to “win” her love.

That’s why, instead of focusing on how to “win a woman over,” I recommend that men focus on standing out from the crowd by learning how to connect with a woman’s emotions.  Stop worrying about whether you have cash for fancy restaurants, and learn how to have a heartfelt CONVERSATION with a woman about her passions and interests in life.

Stop worrying about whether your car is cool enough, and start learning how to recognize what a woman is feeling, and then COMMUNICATING with her in such a way that she knows you can UNDERSTAND those feelings. Do just that much, and you’ll NEVER make the mistake of trying to “win a woman over” again…it will happen AUTOMATICALLY just by what you say and do.

Man Myth #3: “When things don’t work out, it’s MY fault.”

In my line of work, I meet a LOT of guys who have challenges with meeting and building relationships with women. And one of the first things I notice is that almost every one of them blames himself… usually because he thinks it’s HIS fault. But the FACT is this: Most women come “pre-wired” with an internal template of what comprises a desirable mate… a set of emotional triggers that spark the first feelings of “attraction” and compel her to want to stay with a particular man.

So the problem is this: MOST men have no idea that this mechanism even exists, let alone how to trigger it in a woman. When a man has little or no success with women, I tell him to stop “blaming” himself…and start learning what WORKS to connect with women, whether it’s through expert advice, personal study, or even therapy.

Bottom line: If you feel like there’s an invisible barrier preventing you from finding a great woman to share your life with, rest assured that none of these “man myths” are to blame…leave them behind NOW, and start focusing on all the stuff I talked about above.


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