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What Men Think About Your Body: Wrinkles

I once met a very famous movie actress who was, at that time, probably in her early fifties. As I approached from a distance, I could see that she was stunning. Thanks to the camera and makeup one can never be too sure how a person is going to render in real life, but she was truly beautiful. As I got very close, was introduced and shook her hand, I could see that her face was quite lined with wrinkles, laugh lines, and signs of her age. She had clearly not had any “work done.” Even at close range these signs of aging had no effect on her beauty. They were visible, and established that she wasn’t 25 anymore, but did nothing to detract from her attractiveness.

While there are probably extreme cases…wrinkles generally don’t destroy beauty. I’ve never heard a guy say, “I used to be into her but her face got so many wrinkles.” We just don’t care.