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Ladies: 4 Ways to Wear the Love on Valentine’s Day

Whether you’ve reserved a spot at a Valentine’s Day event or you’re readying for a recession-inspired picnic in your living room, you’ve probably already spent some time considering what to wear to make his heart thump. There’s no need to give in to pressures to make this night (or day) absolutely perfect through elaborate staging, though. A little attention to the simplest elements when dressing for the hearts-and-flowers holiday—or any other date with your special someone—will help you choose a look that brings out the best in you.

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1. Plot a Romantic Design

Women’s fashion is currently in the midst of a love affair with all things flirty and ultra-feminine. Often these details serve very practical purposes, though. If you want to play up a certain area, add ruffles; if you want to streamline or outline your figure, do it with ruching or princess seaming. A well-placed design element or two will enhance your assets and create romance. 

2. Get to Know Your Hottest Hues

You don’t have to wear red to play the temptress. Knowing which colors make you glow is vital to choosing the most attractive ensemble for your date. If you’ve never figured out what your “palette” is, here’s a brief explanation: winters and summers have skin with pink undertones, while springs and autumns have skin with golden undertones; winters and autumns have high contrast between their skin and hair colors, while springs and summers have low contrast between their skin and hair colors. So, for example, if you have dark brown hair and light olive skin, you’re an autumn. Once you know your palette, a quick Google search will return quite a few sources recommending flattering shades for you. While you’re at it, complete a myShape profile and receive your own Personal Shop filled with styles chosen to fit and flatter you™. 

3. Don’t Lose Your ‘Specs’ Appeal

If your love interest normally sees you in frames, guess what? He probably likes them! Remaining true to your outer self will not detract from the amorous atmosphere and may even enhance it for your date. There’s nothing sexier than being real!

4. Embrace the Embraceable You

Valentine’s Day is definitely not the time to be preoccupied with how skinny you look and strategically trying to position yourself so that your “problem areas” remain hidden. You should feel both comfortable in what you’re wearing and comfortable with what you have to offer. Focus on your favorite aspects of yourself (physical and otherwise) and remember that although different men are attracted to different body types, the vast majority truly appreciate the natural curves of the female form—it’s in their DNA. It may be a cliché, but confidence is your most seductive quality. Showcase your confidence with fashions that celebrate your shape. Find out your Shape and discover fashions that love you just the way you are.