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Improve Your Health, Improve Your Love Life

If you’re always on the couch, munching on Doritos and making the remote all orange and dusty while you nod sagely at everything Judge Judy says, you’ve got to know why your love life is like your midday snack—stale, boring and unfulfilling. When your body isn’t at its best, you aren’t, either. You’re tired and you don’t feel desirable. You may be sitting there thinking no one will accept you.

There is someone out there for you right now looking and the more you take care of you, the faster you will find them! By focusing on improving your own health, giving your body the movement and good nutrition it needs to thrive, you can make your love life dreams come true.

Better health means a better love life—it’s really that simple.

Better Health Means YOU Feel Better
When your body feels treasured and healthy, you feel treasured and healthy, giving you the confidence you need to be your best you. Instead of wailing, “I hate my hair!” or, “There’s no way I’m going out looking like this,” you can pass the mirror, stop, look again, grin, and croon, “Yeah. That’s what I’m talking about.”

Believe me, this attitude shows. When your date sees how much confidence you have and how comfortable you are in your own skin, he or she will echo you. “That’s what I’M talking about!” The best way to attract a mate is to find YOURSELF attractive first.

Plus, when you’re feeling good about how you look, you won’t spend so much time worrying about what your date thinks of your spare tire or your fifth chin (whom you’ve named after your least-favorite cousin). Instead, you’ll be thinking about how much fun you’re having, how interesting your date is, and what you’re going to do on your next date because baby, there’s going to be one!

Better Health Means Better Dating
Besides being able to keep up with your date (despite whichever of you is in stilettos), you’ve got a lot more options when you’re healthy. And in this economy, everybody needs options.
Dinner and a movie can get pretty pricey (unless you hit the matinee and the lunch special, and let’s face it, with all those kids around, who can create a romantic atmosphere?). When you’re fit, you can say to the new potential love of your life, “How about a picnic and a hike? I know a great place.” (Even if you don’t know a great place, your roommate or his mother or her best friend Nancy knows one.) Suddenly you not only have romantic plans that are perfect for private discussion and possible first kisses, but you also seem a lot more interesting than the typical date. Bonus!

Other fit-and-free activities can include …
* biking together
* jogging
* playing tennis
* badminton at the park
* walking your dogs
* rock climbing
* bowling
* playing softball

Who knows? Maybe you’ll discover that you both love racquetball. (And even if you discover that you both hate it, you still have something in common!)  You do not have to be good at any of the above. One scenario is, if you two are meant to be together you will laugh at how bad you both are!

Better Health Means Better Sex
Clinically, losing weight has been shown to cure erectile dysfunction. But better sex is about more than just showing up and having properly-functioning equipment. It’s psychological, and when you are feeling your best, when your body is getting the water it needs and moving every day, it’s more likely to want to move at night! Feeling confident, feeling desirable and feeling simply good from a fit body can mean the difference between being in the mood to brood—or simply in the mood.

Take the first step toward a healthy relationship with yourself today. Get up. Right now.
Move your body. Give it something good to eat (no, that doesn’t mean hot wings). Make it feel loved. Tell it you love it.

As you start your journey toward health, your path will simply merge with your love life lane, and you’ll be ready for Mr. or Ms. Right to meet you in the fun lane.

Laura Fenamore, CPCC, is an Advice Blogger for, a personal development company for women. Laura is a gifted Body Image Mastery Mentor and a celebrated speaker, lecturer and teacher to thousands of people worldwide. Laura’s company, Body Image Mastery, is devoted exclusively to helping people find balance in their lives and learn to value the home they get to live in – their body. Her vision is living in a world where health and body image are celebrated.