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How to Grab a Woman’s Attention

If you want to succeed with women, you need to learn how to stand out from the crowd and grab a woman’s attention. And no, it’s not about fancy clothes or pick-up lines. It’s about learning a few key skills that will make a lasting impression. Here are four tips you can use immediately:

1. Re-Tool Your Body Language
When you’re approaching a woman, remember that your body language is more important than the words you use. Most guys use apologetic body language and voice tones…they look as if they’re pleading with a woman to give them approval. So think about how you’d act if you were the “selector” – if you wanted to find out if she’s exceptional enough that you’d want to get to know her better, instead of YOU being concerned about whether or not she’s going to like YOU. Big shift, isn’t it? Remember this on your next approach and you’ll have a lot more success.

2. Know What You’ll Say Ahead Of Time
Sit down and think carefully about common situations where you see women you’d like to meet. Come up with 10 different ways you could start a conversation in these situations, pick your favorite, and mentally rehearse it. Most of the guys I know who are great with women use the simplest of simple conversation starters.  “Hi.” “What are you drinking?” “Hey, are you from around here?” I realize that these sound simple, and they are. They don’t come across as canned “pick-up lines”, and they help you figure out very quickly if the woman you’re talking to is friendly.

3. Get Numbers Smoothly
It might surprise you, but if the conversation is going well, a woman will often give you her number within a minute or two of meeting her. The secret is to ask correctly when you’re leaving. Ask her if she has email, then when she says yes, tell her “Great, I’m leaving, but I’d like to chat with you again. Here, write it down. And write your number there, too.” You’ll find that many of the women you ask will just give you their email and number that easily. The more you do it, the easier it gets.

4. Grabbing Attention Online
The number one mistake men make online is writing normal, boring stuff and asking normal, boring questions. Do not, under ANY circumstances, talk about NORMAL stuff. This will give you an advantage over 90% of the other men looking for women online. Trust me.

Most guys don’t take the time to work on themselves. If you really want to grab a woman’s attention – and KEEP it – then be one of the few men who take the time to develop themselves into the kind of guy WORTHY of an amazing woman’s attention. Invest in yourself – get an education on how to attract women naturally – and that’ll do more than anything else to put you on the path to success with women you want.


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