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How to Feel Sexy No Matter What Your Age Is


    • Are you a woman who avoids looking in the mirror because your thighs no longer look the way they did?


    • Do you feel that you’ve lost your worth because you’ve lost your youth and men your age go for women 20 years younger?


    • Can you not help but be envious of women thinner or younger than you, afraid you have no chance against them in finding true love?


Here’s the truth. I was raised a dancer determining my value from my body. I became competitive with women, insecure unless I looked starving, preoccupied during dates wondering if he thought I was beautiful, willing to sell my soul to get attention and validation that I was enough. Within seconds of entering a room I could tell you who I was sexier than, who’s man I could tempt away. Pretty sad.

Here’s more truth. All my suffering was based on thinking my worth was on the outside not the inside. Now I’ve learned that being a woman is amazing. We are hot, wise and courageous. Yes, it hurts when a 20-year-old woman gets my date’s attention for a moment, yet now I know my depth, power and confidence are the components that will make him devoted to me forever. Join me and become a woman who claims her worth BECAUSE of her age. Join me and become a woman who is the spark, the creative force in a passionate, profound and fulfilling relationship.

You can have anything you want.

Yet, when you’re running on empty not taking care of yourself, being abusive to your body with little exercise or unkind thoughts, comparing yourself to others, complaining with other women about getting old, blaming the younger women for taking all the good guys or focusing on what’s wrong not what’s right about you…then you’re in trouble.

It’s time for us to get over the shame and insecurity, fill up our tanks, give ourselves permission for pleasure and courageously claim our feminine power, our inner and outer beauty. Nothing lasts forever, good or bad. Yes, we are a little more saggy than in our 20’s, yet girlfriend – WE ARE ALIVE! So let’s control what we can, let go of the rest and start having some fun embracing our age, wisdom, sassiness and power! Seriously it’s that simple, yet not always easy.

As the Life Coach to Leeza Gibbons during “Dancing with the Stars”, I can tell you one of her valid fears was showing her thighs (turning 50 that year) to 52 million people. Point taken. So I asked her to find a bigger ‘Why’ to join the show. What if she didn’t do it to win, to look good, to prove anything? What if instead she inspired all women to live fully for the joy of being alive? She did so with grace, style and sass, at 50!

As a Sexy Mom Expert I have the pleasure of interviewing women like Linda Gray, Dr. Christiane Northrup, and even today Mary Ann Halpin, who photographed celebrity women who dared to approach aging with passion and courage. They all agree that at some point we have to stop making excuses for who we are, no longer give a hoot what others think of us, make peace with that little girl inside of us that wants attention, questions if she’s enough and thinks she’s here to please everyone.

We’re here to shine our God given gifts, serve those we’re here to serve and have some fun! Your man can only see you if YOU get how magnificent you are already, right now, at this age, with those hips, brilliant insights, sparkling eyes, and open heart.  The more you show up as YOU the more you will be blessed with attention, affection, adoration and celebration.

So embrace your age and be grateful you’re alive. Acts of pleasure make you feel good so dance, have baths, walk in the woods, wear your favorite clothes, light candles at dinner, wear heels as you unload the dishwasher! And show up fully today and trust, that when you’re least expecting it, there he’ll be. In awe of the real YOU.

Blessings, deliciously yours,