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Dating Tips from the Golden Sisters

They are the sassy, no-nonsense sisters who tackled YouTube and are now taking over the Oprah Winfrey Network with their new series (debuting June 1st at 10/9c!). We chatted with “Golden Sisters” Josie (74), Teresa (74) and Mary (82) about this exciting new chapter in their lives — and what dating advice they have to offer after decades of experience!

Q: Did you ever dream that you’d have your own reality show on OWN?

Josie: No, absolutely not. Never! This is something that just happened and we didn’t expect it.

Mary: I’m 82 years old, I can’t believe what happened. So what a finale and what a way to go out of this world!

Teresa: It was so accidental. I’m an agent and I pitch shows to different networks. When I pitched something, they said, ‘Well, we really like you!’ I said, ‘Well, I also have two sisters!’  When we had the meeting — they just fell in love with the three of us. We were shocked about this. We talk to each other and people laugh and we don’t know what they’re laughing about — we are just being ourselves and having fun!

Q: What is your best dating tip for single ladies out there?

Teresa: My tip is if you are really looking for something, call eHarmony! I love the computer dating services, because then you know what you are getting yourself into by asking the right questions like what are your hobbies, where do you live, etc.

Josie: My tip is don’t go to sleep (with them) on the first night!

Mary: You should listen to your (gut), and if he smells nice, then you go out with him.

Q: Many women write us asking, “How do I know if he is the right one for me?”  What would you say to them?

Teresa: The way a woman knows is the way she feels when she’s with him. I remember one time I was sailing with this guy and he touched my foot and I thought WOW! The touch is the most important.

Mary: You don’t touch someone on the first date, Terry!

Teresa: I’m not talking about feeling up Mary — I’m talking about holding hands or something like that.

Mary: The minute a man walks into the room I think you can tell right away if you like him. There’s an attraction and a knowing right away.

Q: What about the secret to a happy relationship?

Mary: Cook for him! I don’t think you should make love on an empty stomach. You need to feed him first! I was married 62 years and believe me, I know what keeps the marriage going. You need to make your man feel like a million dollars.

Teresa: Cook…and be good in bed! That is how you keep it going.

Q: If you had to do it over again, is there anything you would have done differently in your dating/romantic lives?

Mary: Absolutely! I would never get married at 18. I would get married at about 23. I think I’d like a man that really (takes charge)…did you read 50 Shades of Grey?  I loved that – except for the belts and all that other crap, no! But I like the man who is the first one to initiate everything.

Josie: The courting in that book was unbelievable!

Teresa: What I would have done differently is I wouldn’t have divorced my first husband — it hurt my children too much and he wasn’t that bad. The divorces today are ridiculous. People get a divorce because he snores. Sleep in the other room! That’s one of my regrets; I hurt my children by divorcing their daddy. I also would have waited to have children. I gave birth just nine months after we got married — I would have liked to have waited a little while longer.

The three of us have been really blessed with the lives we’ve led. Mary was with her husband 61 years, Josie with hers for 62 years. Their husbands were pains in the asses…but they were good husbands, too.

Mary: Josie’s husband and my husband were very happily married! We really catered to them.

Josie: Give him what he wants, and he’ll give you what you want!

Q: Do any of you have a celebrity crush?

Josie: I like Clooney!

Mary: I love Jack Nicholson. The one I’m in love with is Engelbert Humperdinck!

Josie: I change my mind, I like DeNiro!

Mary: Matt McConaughey also, I love him. He was great in that movie ‘Magic Mike’!

The Golden Sisters Want You to Use a Hashtag…or Not.

The Golden Sisters, Terry, Mary and Josie, bicker like any good sisters would. Watch as they discuss the nature of hashtags while trying to film a promo for their upcoming premiere! Plus, hear about the one thing they can agree on: that they want you to tune in to their series premiere on Saturday, June 1st at 10/9c.

Do not miss the magic that is the Golden Sisters! Their series premieres on OWN June 1 at 10/9c!