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Bad Date? Five Reasons to Not Lose Any Sleep Over It

Learning to listen to your intuition is invaluable when it comes to dating. It can feel as though we are alone at times, navigating through turbulent waters as emotional experiences. Relationships bring out our stuff. As you tap into your intuition, you can remain confident and happy while testing the waters in the ocean that is dating. Here are five tips to help you rest easy no matter what.

1.  Love is Eternal

Real and true love does exist. If you find yourself losing sleep over a bad date, wishing you had said or done something differently, know that everything is perfect when it comes to love. The right person will completely understand even if they don’t show it at first. There are no mistakes in love and real love lasts.

2. Love is Unconditional

Going through the experience of dating can be challenging if we set the expectations that we will be perfect or our date should be perfect. Let yourself relax and be in the moment when you are with your date. Don’t think about how you look or what you are going to say next. Accept and love yourself unconditionally while on the date and this will help you radiate love instead of needing it from someone. Unconditional love for yourself and others, no matter what, will help you stay open and available to receive love, care and guidance while dating, lending itself to clear communication and less dating mishaps.

3. Listen to Your Intuition

Listening to the voice of intuition while dating is very valuable. You can be with someone and get that gut feeling of approval or non-approval and you can talk yourself out of it. Be willing to look honestly within yourself and check in with your feelings. People show you who they are. Listen to that voice within that knows the highest and best love for you.

4. See the End in Mind

You have a lot of power when it comes to dating. Use your creative abilities and imagine the best-case scenario even before you go out on a date. Use the power of your intention to harness energy that can change the potential of your date into infinite greatness. Imagine the great time you will have, the great relationship in your mind and this will help you attract it.

5. There is Someone For Everyone

If you are in the throes of dating and it feels as though you will never find “the one” it helps to know that there is a love just for you. Not only that, but on the way to discover that, there are helpers along the way. If you are on a date that you feel is not going anywhere, you are still learning and moving closer to your perfect love. Every experience, when valued, keeps you in the energy of love attraction.

Feel grateful to be out, to be alive during this amazing time on the planet, where true love not only lives, but also lasts.

Anne Deidre is the CEO of Inner Visions Publishing, an Intuitive Life Coach, sought after Speaker and the Bestselling Author of Miraculous: How Spiritual Awakening Cured My Depression, Inspired My Purpose and Ignited the Intuitive Powers Within and Extreme Intuitive Makeover 55 Keys to Health, Wealth and Happiness. Anne is an acclaimed artist. Her artwork is filled with Divine messages and healing energy. For more information and to receive your free “Your Intuitive Prosperity Makeover Kit” visit