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Aquarius: Your Dating and Relationship Forecast

What’s in the stars for this astrological sign? Get the fun forecast regarding your dating and love life now!

Happy birthday Aquarius! Your inner light and beauty shines brightly this month! You will be receiving more attention as your aura continues to sparkle, increasing the attraction between you and your existing love, AND intriguing to new romantic potentials! Show off your radiance, and spoil yourself with a new hairstyle, and add some spice to your wardrobe. There’s a positive shift in your stars, and you never know who might be watching! Your confidence and determination are at a high, so chase your dream, because you just may catch it!

Your luck has shifted, adding an abundance in pleasure. If love is on your agenda, the potential is definitely available! Aquarians are very independent, freedom-seeking and generally commitment-shy. A full moon and lunar eclipse energizes passion on the 9th and steams up your house of relationships. Plan the evening accordingly, from looking your best before you go out on the town to surprising a partner with something special — just because! Your thoughts and actions will have a long lasting effect during this enchanting weekend, so don’t hold back!

Take the time to communicate properly with a love interest, and share your hopes and fears, to avoid misunderstandings. Voice your needs clearly to receive support. If intentions aren’t clear and precise, you could appear pushy and demanding. By Valentine’s Day, you may discover frustrations are stemming from boredom or smothered feelings. This could have you dropping one love interest — and into the arms of another.

Many changes are in store for you, as you release unwanted baggage, freeing up your time. Learn to compromise for the space that you crave. Near the 18th, romance becomes scrumptious again, with exciting results, so let your feelings flow! The heavens even give you two ‘thumbs up’ on the 24th, suggesting you make that romantic advancement you have been dreaming about. Cupid’s arrow may be a little off on his timing – but a double shot of flirtation is finally delivered – and keeps you completely intoxicated with butterflies in your belly!

Magic happens, but you must also determine if compatibility and a long lasting relationship is possible. Ask genuine questions of your partner and allow yourself to be questioned. Answers received will determine if the magic is actually real, or if it’s all just an illusion. Either way it could still be a win-win situation, so have fun and enjoy the fireworks! Learn more about your sign and get more astrological happenings here!


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