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7 Things Not to Take For Granted When You’re Single

When you’d give anything – and we mean anything – to meet someone special to share your life with, it can be (very) annoying to hear: “But, trust me, you’ll miss these times one day!!” Especially when those words are coming from your dearest friend, who has, in your opinion, what seems like the happiest relationship.

But before you start to turn green with envy, remember the different kind of green: the other side of the relationship token, where single life gives you some advantages that coupled-up folks don’t always have the opportunity to enjoy. While you hope to – and let’s be real, you will! – meet someone to share your life with, having a few months or years to be single and make choices for yourself, without considering anyone else, is a blessing in disguise. Apart from teaching you how to stand confidently on your own and having the freedom to come and go (or sit and read) as you please, this time of flying solo can make you stronger and feel freer than any other part of your life.

In no particular order, here are some pretty killer things to never take for granted when you’re single:

1. That Netflix queue? It’s all yours. One day, you’ll have to share it with Mr. Law & Order SVU.

You know your saved favorites? And how you look forward to crawling into bed to watch that late-night episode before falling asleep? Well, one day, you’ll have someone who might get a bit upset if you skip ahead in the season… or when you want to watch a girly movie and he’s not into it. Savor that que, babe.

2. Whatever you want for dinner, you got it. But not forever.

Pick up Chipotle on your way home from bootcamp class? Or decide you’ll just have some carrots and guac with some banana chips for dessert? Enjoy having your own dinner schedule because when you live with someone, you’ll have to talk about what you’re having for dinner on gchat.. every darn day.

3. Feel kind of overwhelmed by your summer plans and weddings to attend? Now double those invites.

Yep, his second cousin’s second wedding that’s a 5-hour flight away is just as important as your high school best friend’s bachelorette party in Vegas. Start strategizing those vacation days now.

4. Love sleeping with five pillows in the middle of your bed? One day, we’re sorry, but you’ll have to share.

He might not be a fan of surrounding himself with pillows and might not like that you push him off the bed to make more space for your dog.

5. Want to do absolutely nothing but sleep late, take a mid-day yoga class and go shopping on the weekends? Do it now.

Because when you meet someone pretty great, you’ll want to spend some time with him. You might even stay up late. Or he might snore and wake you up and you’ll be too tired for downward dog. Or you’ll have another one of those BBQs or weddings to attend. You’re free girl, savor it.

6. Last-minute, solo trip to the Caribbean with the girls, just because you have some money and it’s a good price? Book that baby!

…because one day, you probably will want to take your man along for a romantic getaway. Or you’ll want to save that cash for something more practical, like a house, a wedding…or babies.

7. Do you love your framed artwork and your shabby-chic style? Or maybe you’re more modern with colorful accents. However you like to design your space… go crazy now.

Because he might not want that image of Marilyn Monroe or inspirational quote calendar to hang in your living room when you move in together.

What do you love about being single?

Lindsay Tigar is a 26-year-old single writer, editor, and blogger living in New York City. She started her popular dating blog, Confessions of a Love Addict, after one too many terrible dates with tall, emotionally unavailable men (her personal weakness) and is now developing a book about it, represented by the James Fitzgerald Agency. She writes for eHarmony, YourTango, REDBOOK, and more. When she isn’t writing, you can find her in a boxing or yoga class, booking her next trip, sipping red wine with friends or walking her cute pup, Lucy.