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5 Resolutions You Can’t Break This Year

Sure, you can cheat on your diet and skip the gym now and again, but these are 5 resolutions you don’t want to break.

What better time to make a resolution to improve yourself and your life? Give yourself a specific plan to tackle whatever goal you choose for yourself this year. Good intentions aside, the best way to stick with your New Year’s resolution is to tell people about it and write it down, which will help to hold you accountable.

To ensure you stick to your goals this year make sure your resolution is something you want to do, not something you feel you need to do and read on for our top five resolutions you can’t break this year.

1) Be the Person you Want to Attract

“When you are looking for that perfect person to bring into your life I always say to brainstorm a list of all the qualities you want that person to possess,” says Stillpoint Wellness Center Life Coach Johanna Beyer. “Once you are done, take a good look at your list and realize that those qualities are a description of you at your best. Then, all you have to do for the year is be those qualities and you will attract the right person into your life.”

2) Spend more Time with Family and Friends

This year it’s time to resolve to spend more time with the people you love. Even if you can only set aside one day a month to reconnect with them, get that date on your calendar well in advance. If money is an issue, have your family and friends over to your house for a board game night, potluck, or for an after work appetizer. If they don’t live close by, try choosing a specific day and time each week that you can catch up with a 15-minute phone-call to stay connected and in the loop.

3) Learn Something New

Challenge your mind and resolve to learn something new this year. Whether you decide to take a course at the local community college or you sign up for a workshop, it’s time to break out of your comfort zone. Depending on what you’re learning you could even meet new and interesting people, which will broaden your social and perhaps romantic options. “There’s nothing that adds more energy to you on the inside or to your conversation than learning something new. The passion for something new is going to light a fire in you and it could spark a new connection with someone in the upcoming year,” says Beyer.

4) This Year, Truly Enjoy Life

Focus on what you can change and what is in your control because everything else is a waste of energy. Find your passion, whether it’s a new hobby, volunteering or a career change. Remember the old adage, life is short, focus on making a life for yourself that you can enjoy.

5) Help Others

Give what you can, whether it’s your time as a volunteer or mentor or your financial resources. Perhaps your resolution to help others will include doing a small act of kindness each month, such as going grocery shopping for an elderly neighbor, delivering a home cooked meal to a new mom or tutoring a child. Helping others makes you feel good about yourself, which potential suitors are sure to see shine through.