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5 Nightmare Trends You Shouldn’t Dream of Wearing on a Date!

As any woman knows, sometimes fashion’s flights of fancy veer to dangerous altitudes—but then again, what appears utterly bizarre to one generation may become the next’s big thing…and even turn out to be surprisingly flattering. This conundrum can be particularly frustrating when you’re trying to update your look as you pursue a new relationship. But you can rest assured that the emerging trends below deserve absolutely zero consideration for your date-dressing arsenal.

Harem Scare ’em
This season’s wide-legged pants exude vintage glamour. Harem pants, not at all. If you aren’t familiar with this look, think M.C. Hammer circa 1990. The problem with harem pants is that it’s extremely rare to find a pair that could be described as flattering on anyone. What you wear on your date should tastefully play up your feminine curves, but harem pants at best draw all the attention downward while hiding your legs and at worst — completely distort your figure.

Sheer Badness
Sheer is undeniably in, and when layered properly, see-through fabrics can conjure a lovely delicate effect. That said; sheer tops without sufficient coverage beneath have the potential to result in a frightening look that’s not rated for the general public. Even if your underpinnings are flesh-colored and your blouse floral, if you have to question whether your date will be distracted by the outline of your bra, add a camisole.

Romper Boom
Yes, rompers. Need we say more? Apparently so, since they’ve been spotted not only on the catwalks but on the sidewalks of major cities…in luxe silk and satin, no less! An elegant pantsuit can actually work for an evening date depending on your personal style and whether you reside in a particularly fashion-forward locale, but rompers—by definition one-pieces with short bloomers—should not be worn by any woman who wants to be taken seriously. Even if you’re 18 years old, these babies will make you look ridiculous because their toddler-wear inspiration never escapes notice.

The Monster Bag
Handbags have been bulking up exponentially as our day-to-day obligations and must-have gadgets proliferate, but hauling your enormous, stuffed-to-bursting hobo along to dinner and a movie will make you appear disorganized and flustered as your carrying shoulder droops under its weight. Edit the contents of your sack and scale down to an elegant clutch or purse to create the impression that you’re in control of your life and unencumbered—typically attractive qualities in a potential mate.

Return of the Scrunchie
Believe it or not, scrunchies are back, and they’re already rearing their colorful heads in trendy teen and Gen Y-oriented chain retailers. Scrunchies are valuable accessories at home when you need to cleanse your face or do some hardcore housework, but, while quirky, they’re not attractive and they’re far too casual to accent your day or night date ensemble.


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