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15 Ways to Make an Ordinary Day Extraordinary

Most of us look forward to big events — birthdays, job promotions, a party — to consider a day very special. That makes sense. But the danger in waiting for momentous events is that we might miss the simple joys and delights of ordinary days.

Here’s a reminder that each day can be extraordinary if we will be intentional and make a little effort. Try these:

1. Stop and look around. There’s something you’ve been passing by each day without really noticing—the statue on the street corner or the mural on the side of that old building. Today’s the day to notice.

2. Do something childlike. Finger paint, climb on a jungle gym, make s’mores, read your favorite children’s book—let your inner kid loose for a while.

3. Meditate, or at least pause to think. In our fast-paced world, we need to be deliberate about stopping to ponder and process.

4. Make someone’s day. Give a surprise gift to a child you know. Buy a sandwich for a homeless person. Pay a big compliment to someone.

5. Take a gratitude break. Setting aside ten minutes to count your blessings is sure to give you a boost.

6. Call your best friend and set up time together. The anticipation of being with your close friends will lift your spirits.

7. Forgive someone. You’ll lighten your emotional load if you let go of hurts you’ve been holding on to.

8. Look yourself over—with admiration. Most people are hard on themselves when it comes to appearance. Go on, admire your best qualities.

9. Contact a friend or family member you’ve been out of touch with. Call with an out-of-the-blue “I’m thinking of you.”

10. Express your creativity. Take a break from work to draw a picture, watercolor, or blog!

11. Say hello to someone you’ve passed many times but never spoken to. Who knows—it could be a friendship in the making.

12. Write a thank you note to someone not expecting one. That’s a gift to both of you.

13. Dream about your next adventure. Check out travel magazines or websites and begin planning your getaway.

14. Break out of a rut. Get your coffee from a new place, try a new form of exercise, watch a movie different from your usual genre.

15. Take a risk and ask out that person you’ve been working up the courage to call. Go for it. It’ll make your day.