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15 Ways to Get Up When Life Knocks You Down

Sometimes life feels like a boating excursion on a sunny afternoon—smooth sailing, peaceful, and enjoyable. Other times it can feel more like a boxing match, where you are pummeled and down for the count.

Everyone has times when they endure setbacks, disappointments, and failures. Psychologists and spiritual leaders agree that resilience is what makes the difference between those who survive and thrive, and those who don’t.

Feeling beaten down by life? Here are some ideas to help you get up, brush yourself off, and move forward:

1. Realize you’re not alone. Since everyone encounters adversity of various kinds, many people can relate to your particular struggles. Reach out to loved ones in times of need.

2. Don’t generalize. When hit with bad news (job loss, a break-up, financial troubles), it can seem that EVERYTHING in your life has soured. Stay focused on the many good things happening for you. It is helpful to keep a daily gratitude journal to keep things positive.

3. Remember when… Review your history and gain courage from the times you have overcome hardships.

4. Get inspired by resilient people. You know people who have endured misfortune—learn from their indomitable spirit and wisdom.

5. Keep up your healthy routines. Your emotional reserves will be replenished through physical well-being (exercise, adequate sleep, proper nutrition).

6. Write it out. Expressing your thoughts and feelings in a journal will help to process them and gain clarity.

7. Tap into your spiritual resources. Find strength in soul-nurturing activities.

8. Get back to nature. Many people find comfort by spending time at the beach, park, lake, or mountains.

9. Practice self-compassion. Treat yourself very well, with plenty of kindness and grace.

10. Stay in the present. When going through a rough spot, taking things one day at a time can be very comforting. Just focus on making the present moment the best you can. The rest will all take care of itself.

11. Accept the vagaries of life. We wish the world we live in would be predictable and reliable. Not so. We will work through pain and problems more effectively by accepting that life is fickle.

12. Reframe your perspective. Realize that adversity often leads to growth opportunities and new pathways.

13. Skip the victim mentality. Yes, life is unfair, and it seems that the unfairness is not doled out equally among all people. But you’ll never be a victor if you view yourself as a victim.

14. Mine the situation for lessons. Use hard times to gain insights that will equip you to flourish in the future.

15. Find your inner fortitude. Often, overcoming hardships is a matter of applying grit and determination. You can do it!

What helps you get back up when life gets rough?