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15 Reasons to Date One of Santa’s Elves

If a short man with pointy shoes who smells like candy canes asks you out this holiday season, don’t be put off by his enthusiasm for twinkling lights. Give him a chance.

Here are 15 reasons to date one of santa’s elves:

1. No more fighting over conflicting holiday plans. You already know your significant other won’t be available on Christmas Eve. So go do your own thing.

2. You will, however, have a date for New Year’s Eve.

3. Who can resist that never-ending Christmas spirit?

4. Elves have great work ethic. You won’t be dating a lazy bum.

5. You’ll be that much closer to jolly old St. Nick. (And might get to meet him one day!)

6. Your date can give you a head’s up on the season’s hottest toys. The kids in your life will thank you.

7. Even if you’re not buying them toys, all the kids you know are going to think your significant other is the coolest ever.

8. He’s a man with style. Like coordinating with your date? Just stock up on red, white, and green items.

9. Elves are team players. There’s no room for big egos at the North Pole.

10. It will feel like Christmas all year round! (This is one date who won’t roll his eyes if you’re playing Mariah Carey’s Christmas album in October.)

11. Because your date has Christmas on his mind most days of the year, he’ll appreciate your efforts to make the other holidays special.

12. Elves are good with their hands.

13. Elves are short —and they’re comfortable with their height. So go ahead and wear your highest heels. There’s no Napoleon complex here.

14. If you thought Disneyland was the happiest place on earth, you’ve never been to Santa’s Workshop. Kris Kringle’s helpers have great attitudes and enjoy their work.

15. He can put in a good word for you —and make sure your name stays on the “nice”list.

Image Courtesy: Warner Home Video