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15 Reasons to Date a Vampire

If you’re ever going to say yes to a date with a vampire, October’s the month to do it.

Here are 15 reasons to date a vampire:

1. Vampires are always cold. Your date won’t whine about the changing temperatures.

2. Move over, pointy-eared, Nosferatu! In recent years, vampires have become much better looking. See: vampires Damon Salvatore (Vampire Diaries) and Bill Compton Moyer (True Blood).

3. Related to #2: Your attractive date will always look the way he does now. (The insecure need not apply. Your date won’t age — but you still will.)

4. Your date won’t bug you during the day. (Nighttime is way more romantic, anyway.)

5. You’ll have the best-dressed date at the costume party.

6. Your date sleeps in a coffin. Your place will always win.

7. If you ever need a break, just go to church. Or eat Caesar salad.

8. Your date won’t hog the mirror.

9. You can watch horror movies together — for a laugh. You’ll have your own personal fact-checker.

10. Sure, Twilight mania has faded, but that doesn’t mean vampires don’t need love. Also, capes are in this year. So they’re still trendy that way.

11. If you’re the kind of person who likes to coordinate what you’re wearing with your date’s wardrobe, you’ll always have a pretty good idea about what your date is going to be wearing: black.

12. That distinctive, sharp-toothed grin.

13. Like Gothic architecture? So does your date. You’ll finally have an excuse to plan that Transylvania-area castle tour

14. Every time you get a paper cut, you’ll feel desired.

15. If your “type” is dark and misunderstood, look no further. You’ve found Mr. Right.

Why else should one date a vampire? If we love your answers — we will add them to this list!