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15 Reasons to Date a Dog Groomer

If you find yourself taking your dog to the groomer more often than you need to, maybe you need to finally work up the nerve to ask her out for dinner.

Here are 15 reasons to date a dog groomer:

1. You’ll know your date is a dog person…

2. …and probably won’t hate your dog. Or be allergic to it.

3. Your date is no pushover. Those pups who don’t want baths still get bathed.

4. If you’re not picky about style, your date can probably cut your hair.

5. Dog groomers are patient, dealing with animals of all temperaments.

6. Your date will be happy to hang out with a human at the end of the day

7. Your date isn’t easily grossed out. He’s been peed on!

8. Dog groomers have nurturing instincts. (But wouldn’t mind a little pampering from you.)

9. Dog groomers have set hours. You won’t have to worry about canceling date nights due to overtime or unexpected late shifts.

10. Your date is multi-talented. She’s essentially a manicurist, hair stylist, dental hygienist and an esthetician.

11. Many dog groomers are driven entrepreneurs, launching their own businesses and finding their own clients. No laziness here.

12. Dog groomers are friendly, professional and customer-service oriented.

13. No two dogs are alike. Your date knows how to problem-solve and custom-tailor services to meet a dog’s needs. He’ll make you feel special, too.

14. Your date can probably lift — and maybe wrestle — a heavy dog. Muscles!

15. Dog groomers are very forgiving. Their furry clients frequently bark, nip and make a mess. Apologize (sincerely) with big puppy eyes, and you’ll be given a second chance, too.