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15 Reasons a Sense of Humor Makes You Hot

Almost every person has “sense of humor” high on the list of things they want in a partner. You know, of course, what you like about another’s person ability to be funny. But have you considered exactly why this quality makes YOU desirable? A good sense of humor makes you highly attractive because it …

1. Expresses your unique perspective on life. Humor says a lot about your outlook and attitude— which is hopefully positive and upbeat (!).

2. Is one of the best flirting strategies. As actress Nia Vardalos said, “Compliment a woman and, sure, she will smile. But make a woman laugh, and she may get naked.”

3. Makes up for personal weaknesses. If you consider yourself average or below average in some way–and who doesn’t?–realize that a great sense of humor more than compensates. It’s sexy.

4. Reveals your good heart. Since much of modern humor is sarcastic and cynical, your playful style will show that you’re kind.

5. Points to having an agreeable personality. A big part of what it means to be personable is the ability to joke and share funny moments with others.

6. Makes known your interest in the other person. Humor is often used as a “barometer” to gauge level of attraction and interest. Your engaged response to your date’s humor (and vice versa) is a good sign of chemistry.

7. Provides evidence of your sharp mind. People with a quick wit are typically bright and clever.

8. Demonstrates that you are willing to be vulnerable. Attempting to be funny takes guts–you risk your joke falling flat.

9. Puts the other person at ease. Laughing together reduces anxiety and fosters relaxation. That will create the conditions to get better acquainted.

10. Assures your date that you are a happy person. Having a lighthearted approach to life makes for happy individuals—and of course happy individuals make happy romantic couples.

11. Indicates compatibility in a vital area. You know you’ve clicked with someone when you laugh at the same things.

12. Defuses conflict. When disagreements arise, a light touch can lower the tension so you can resolve the matter efficiently.

13. Shows that you don’t take yourself too seriously. Self-deprecating humor lets your date know you can make fun at yourself.

14. Displays a quality that contributes to the health of a relationship. Laughter and levity contribute numerous therapeutic elements to a long-term relationship.

15. Invites the other person to join in the fun. When you act playful, you encourage your date to do the same. You allow him/her to share the spotlight—which will be much appreciated.