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10 Reasons to Date a Vegan

1. Vegans are passionate people. Their passion for a cause and for a lifestyle flows into all other areas of their lives.

2. Vegans have better sex lives. Their plant-based diets can boost hormone levels.

3. They are cheap dates! Veggies and tofu cost a lot less than lobster and steak.

4. Vegans aren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe in. You will be getting a strong person who will stand up for you, as well.

5. They have learned to be creative in the kitchen, so you will be getting some great food.

6. They will encourage you to eat healthier.

7. Research shows vegans have a lower mortality rate than meat eaters, so you know they will be around for a long time.

8. Vegans are happy people. Eating all those fruits and veggies can improve mood and lead to calmness and feelings of happiness.

9. Vegans following a healthy plant-based diet have lots of energy, for lots of activities.

10. Vegans have compassion for animals, so they will have compassion for you too.

Why else should one date a vegan?

Skinny Bitch Bakery FLAT COVER IMAGEAbout the Author:

Kim Barnouin holds a master of science in holistic nutrition and offers guidance on her Healthy Bitch Daily blog . A former model, she is the author or coauthor of seven books and has successfully counseled models, actors, athletes, and other professionals using the Skinny Bitch method. She lives in Los Angeles.