‘Why Yes, I am Single…’

Someone just reminded me that June is the big wedding season, so it can be a tough time for singles as they attend all of these lovey-dovey events.

Undoubtedly, they’ll have to endure the inevitable line of “single” questioning from some invasive relative or friend. “So, how long have been single?” “You are so great, why are you still single?” And so on, and so on…

Before I got married (at age 39) I dealt with this as well – for years. What I’d like to remind everyone of is … there is NOTHING wrong with being single. Every person on the planet is not meant to be married by age 27… or even 37! Being a single person, for many, means happiness, less stress, independence and adventure.

Now if you do get cornered by Aunt Sally, here are some possible responses:

Why are you still single?”

• Because I choose to be.
• Because I will not settle for less.
• Because I can’t settle on just one person!
• Why do you think I am still single? (This will send them running.)

How do you deal with people asking you about your single status? What works for you?

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