Why coffee is better than ice cream on a first date


Is there a reason why a hot bath on a bad day feels so good?  What about cuddling up with a big blanket and a cup of hot cocoa on a rainy night?  It turns out that warm temperature may be the key to soothing your soul and healing a lonely heart. 

Recent studies have shown a connection between physical warmth and psychological warmth.  For example, sitting in a warm room can make you feel closer to another person (IJzerman & Semin, 2009), and holding a hot cup of coffee can make you behave in more generous ways (Williams & Bargh, 2008). So, coffee on a date may make both you and your date feel more connected and more generous! Researchers explain that similar parts of the brain react to feelings of both physical and psychological warmth.

Physical warmth can also make you feel better. Click here to continue reading and find out how.

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