Which Song Best Describes Your Love Life?

I’ve been thinking a lot about music and dating recently. A good buddy just broke up and he cites music as one of the key issues. “Man, she was into opera and it made me crazy.” It wasn’t just that he didn’t like opera, it’s that she wanted to share opera with him. It was a rich and important part of her life, something that she felt he would enjoy with just a little effort. He tried to explain, “It just sounds like people wailing. It’s always in Italian or German which I can’t understand. I have been to an opera and I was asleep about 20 minutes in.”

So in the end music drove them apart, or her desire to share her love of music drove them apart. It’s easy to say, “I just listen to what I want and my love can do the same,” but what about concerts, car rides, and sharing music? Or is the idea of sitting and listening to music together a quaint old-fashioned notion?

So, consider if you were matched with a person that LOVED the following kinds of music. Would it matter at all? What if they wanted you to get into it?

Heavy Metal – and I’m talking about the crazy Swedish Black Metal. Very heavy.
Opera – and I’m talking about Wagner’s Ring Cycle. Long and Dramatic.
Country Music – and I’m talking about the most hillbilly country music you’ve ever heard.
Modern Jazz – and I’m talking about Ornette Coleman style a-tonal freak-out jazz.

Would any of it matter to you?

FINAL BONUS QUESTION – Which song best describes your love life?

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