Where are They Now: eHarmony Success Couple Jackie and Steve


Meet eHarmony Success Couple Jackie and Steve, who were married in 2005 and are still going strong. They have a wonderful blended family—5 boys!—which keeps them busy. Read below for an update from Jackie on what they’re up to four years later.

Jackie, Steve and Family

Where are we now? That’s a hard question. Not because our life is hard or complicated, but because our life is wonderful and fun. So, to have to briefly describe what’s happened in four years would be difficult. Steve always likes to describe our first communication on eHarmony like a game of ping-pong. It was back and forth rapidly, but on key with neither one of us missing a beat. I think that’s how I’d describe our life. Steve and I are perfectly synchronized with one another. We don’t miss a beat; we don’t drop the ball. With five boys that we are raising, that helps.

I’m definitely not saying that Steve and I don’t have our disagreements or fights. But, the way we handle the situation is so different from both of our previous marriages.  We know deep down that we’ll work it out. It’s just a bump in the road that we’re traveling on TOGETHER.

Just the other day, we were taking family pictures. We had finished up with the ones of all seven of us, and our photographer told the boys to scatter so he could take pictures of me and Steve. Well, we were having one of those days where it would have been fine if we didn’t have pictures of just us. Our oldest, Sean (17), stayed and was watching over the Lewis the photographer’s shoulder. When Lewis asked us to sit closer I told him, “It’s okay…we like to be this far apart, especially today because we are having a disagreement.”

Actually, Steve jokingly suggested taking individual pictures and “Photoshopping” us together.  LOL!  (Lewis not only does all of our family pictures but our school pictures so he knows us and our humor.)  Well, I guess when I made that comment Sean was very surprised because he said, “You all are fighting? Really? I would have never known!”

Both of our previous marriages were loud and crazy at times, and unfortunately, the kids saw a lot of it. Thank you to eHarmony for giving couples (and kids) the chance to have a marriage that just WORKS! No drama, no craziness!

So, where we are now?

Steve and I both work in his family’s business. We work in the office together. He’s the business manager and I… well…I manage Steve. Just kidding…that’s what I like to say. I manage the office.  Steve’s website www.organizemydad.com is still going strong and I’ve decided to start my own Mary Kay business. The boys are doing well.  Growing like weeds and still eating us out of house and home. All of them are taller than me now, except John, who is 7.

Steve and I are still shocked at how well we all blended as a family. Everything we read always told us it would take about 2 or 3 years for everyone to feel connected.  But, in our case, it didn’t take that long at all!  Steve and I are so thankful that we met on eHarmony.  You didn’t just connect 2, but 7. Thank you!!

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