Where Are They Now: eHarmony Commercial Couple Mike and Christy


mike-christy-cassisa-0318951You may remember Mike and Christy from the eHarmony commercials that ran in 2005. They were newlyweds then, so we wanted to check in with them to see what they’re up to four years later. Here’s an update from Christy:

Well, we’ve had five and a half years, one Vegas wedding, a new house, one baby and another on the way since Mike and I met on eHarmony. It’s so hard to believe that so much good stuff can come from the matching system of an online dating site, but we are living proof that this system works.  Since Mike and I were featured on the commercials four years ago, we still toast Dr. Warren and eHarmony for helping us meet.

We do have to work at being a couple and now a growing family, but having such a solid base of compatibility to start with has helped tremendously.  Being part of a team means that we coordinate, compromise and communicate more than ever in order to make our family a happy and successful one.

When we added our first baby to the mix a year and a half ago, we discovered again how important it is to really understand and be able to trust each other. We’ve been able to work through the innumerable decisions that have arisen with becoming parents because we are both on the same page and we respect each other’s opinions and thoughts.

With our second baby due in September, we are terrified and excited at the same time, but we know that we can tackle anything that comes our way.  Mike has handled my pregnancy mood swings beautifully, despite the late night milkshake runs, and I know that I can trust and rely on him to be there 100% for all of us.

Thanks again to eHarmony for helping us find each other!

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