Where Are They Now: eHarmony Commercial Couple Chuck and Jeannie


Meet eHarmony success couple Chuck and Jeannie. They appeared in one of eHarmony’s first television commercials in 2004. Still together and happier than ever, Jeannie writes about how eHarmony has impacted both of their lives. Enjoy!

Here's a photo of Chuck and Jeannie from an eHarmony television commercial shoot in 2004.

Hi – We’re Chuck and Jeannie.  As I write this, tomorrow will mark exactly 7 years to the day since we were matched on eHarmony!  Yes, we were one of those couples matched that appeared in the early days of eHarmony’s television commercials and our story since that date has continued to be as fun as it was then!

After many failed relationships in both of our lives, we met later in life after our children were grown and we both had grandkids.  To be honest, we had both pretty much given up on the hope of ever meeting our “soul mate” and were both pretty much resigned to the fact that we would not ever marry again.  Then one day, Chuck started hearing radio commercials about this company called eHarmony, and he got curious!  I had never heard of it, but it popped up on my computer screen one day and invited me to “fall in love for all the right reasons”, so we both gave it a whirl and here we are! We often tell people that our marriage was made in heaven, but God used eHarmony to bring us together!

What we’ve learned through this process is that marriage doesn’t have to be hard.  The beauty of being matched with another in 29 dimensions of compatibility works!  Both of us remark often that these last seven years have been the best years of our lives, because we are truly “one”, and all the romantic mistakes of our past don’t even matter anymore.

Here are Chuck and Jeannie today. Seven years together, and still going strong!

We have found in each other a best friend, a lover, and the person that we will walk into eternity with.   There’s such a peace in knowing that our marriage is the calm in the storm of life where we come to restore and renew our strength.

Neither of us had ever experienced the kind of love that grows with each day (rather than diminishes!) before, but as they say that the proof is in the pudding, and we can tell you from 7 years of experience that eHarmony works!  In fact, one of our best friends (more like our adopted daughter!) met her Prince Charming on eHarmony a couple of months ago, and they’re already talking marriage!

Our families are so excited that we finally found each other, my mom bought me a sign a couple of months ago that hangs above our kitchen window and sums up our story quite brilliantly…
“It’s Never Too Late to Live Happily Ever After…”

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