When They Don’t Call…

He said he would call tomorrow…so why didn’t he?” “It’s been four days and no call. What does that mean?”

This is an extremely popular topic of conversation on our boards. I feel like on some level we all know the answer to the question. And we have certainly all been there — waiting for the phone to ring, getting more and more agitated as the night goes on and there’s no call. It’s just a part of dating, I’m afraid.

In my humble opinion, these are the harsh realities of why he/she doesn’t call you back:

1. They’re avoiding you. They just aren’t feeling it, but don’t want to deal with it, so they don’t call at all.

2. They have someone else, or a few others, in their romantic arena. They are likely exploring those options.

3. They’re irresponsible, flakey or self-centered. Some people just aren’t considerate of others. When they promise to call and don’t, they are showing you this aspect of their character. Ultimately, these types of individuals aren’t usually good potential relationship partners anyways.

Of course there are extenuating circumstances which might occur once in a blue moon — resulting in someone not having a minute to make a phone call. However, communication is easier than ever these days, so there is rarely a good excuse to not get in touch.

Many of those in our online community have shared this important advice, which bears repeating! When they don’t call — DO NOT sit around and try to figure out why, because you will really never know. Lose their number, go out and have some fun with the reliable and loyal people in your life.

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