What’s Your Love Karma?

Our guest  blogger today is internationally-renowned medium Char Margolis, who explores the idea of karma and intuition in your romantic relationships. I have personally met Char, and her abilities are nothing short of amazing! Her brand new book “Love Karma” is also available now.

I am of the school of thought that if you really want a relationship, you will find one. I also know that we create our destiny by the choices we make. Although some things in life are predestined, our choices are not. Life is a school and we are here to learn life’s lessons. We all have the gift of intuition. And when we learn to listen to that intuition it can help us prevent problems and attain goals in our lives.

Are you looking for your soul mate? So many people are misled about what a soul mate means. We all have more than one soul mate. A soul mate is someone who helps another’s soul to grow. Your parent, sibling, best friend or first love are very likely all of your soul mates.

We can also have more than one romantic soul mate. Are you beating yourself up because you are at a certain age and you have never been married or in a long-term relationship? Did you ever stop to think that this is happening for a reason and you are being protected?

Remember the time you met that sexy person who you were attracted to but at first sight, the thought in your mind was, “Hmmmmm don’t trust them”? However, you ignored that because they were pursuing you and there was chemistry and sexual attraction. You didn’t listen to that first gut feeling, and became clouded by flirting and chemistry. Eventually after some time, this person turns out to be dysfunctional and you say “I knew it! My intuition warned me but I didn’t listen”! This has happened to nearly all of us.

I also find that people have a tendency to attract themselves to someone who has the same energy of the parent they could not fix or get approval from. Has this happened to you? Many people keep attracting themselves to that same energy over and over again. It’s like having a bad habit that consciously needs to be broken.

Around all of us is an invisible wall of energy. Become aware of your energy and make sure you are open to giving and receiving love. Once you know you are open, make sure you read about protecting yourself with the white light of protection, so that you only attract the energy of someone loving, kind, compassionate and understanding. I wish all of you the courage to use your intuition to find that special person who will enhance your life.

In Love Karma,  I also discuss:
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And much, much more!

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