What do people desire in their everyday lives?

A recent study looked at the desires people experienced in a given week.  Aside from food, water, and rest, results showed people were most interested in interacting with others and using media (meaning Facebooking, watching tv or surfing the web).

Which desires were the strongest?  Things like sleep, sex, going to the bathroom, and interacting with others were among those most strongly desired.

And the goals that produced the most conflict for people included having fun (leisure activities) and sleeping!  Instead, people were more likely to work or watch tv/use the internet (media) – desires that they tried and failed to control.

Researchers even found that people were less likely to restrain themselves later in the day if they were busy restraining themselves earlier in the day. It didn’t matter what the desire was – people who often tried to quench their desires, were more likely to succumb to temptation.

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