We Met During Free Communication Weekend: Melanie and Nue’s Story

Thanksgiving is a special time for eHarmony success couple Melanie and Nue—it’s when they first introduced each other to their families and knew they had something special. They were matched during a free communication weekend in September 2006 and were married in June 2008.

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Who knows—you may end up like Melanie and Nue and can add one more thing to your list of things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Here’s their story, in Melanie’s own words.

Nue and I met on a 3 day free trial weekend in September of ’06.  He was the very first person I talked to and we made it to open communication very quickly that weekend.  We decided to meet for drinks on a Monday night.  This was supposed to last only a few hours; we talked for over 5 hours!  It was great; we hit it off.  Shortly after we had gone out a few times, he told me that he was moving for his job to Michigan.  I decided not to tell anyone about us dating because I figured it would not go anywhere since he was moving.

western weddingWe continued to see each other and one night I asked him if he wanted to go to Thanksgiving with me.  I was sure he would say no, and I wasn’t sure I really wanted him to meet my family anyway, but he said yes and then invited me to his family’s Thanksgiving celebration.  After a few days, I actually uninvited him to mine because, I figured, since he was moving, why have him meet my entire family?  Well, he seemed like he felt bad so I once again invited him.

We first went to one of his family’s Thanksgivings and I met his parents, brothers, aunts, uncles and nieces.  It was so wonderful, and they made me feel so welcome.  I also got to try a lot of traditional Lao food, which was very good!

Next we went to my family’s Thanksgiving.  As we walked in and I introduced him, I said, “This is Nue, we are not going to be dating, we’re not getting married, so don’t ask me where he is at Christmas because he is moving.”  In my family, when you bring someone around, it’s pretty serious, so I just had to let them know this was absolutely not going anywhere. Nue said, “What, we’re not getting married…why didn’t you tell me!”  My Aunt Nancy about fell off her chair laughing.  We took a goofy picture that day, pretending we were getting our senior pictures taken out by a tree.  Everyone just loved Nue, which was a blessing, but also a bummer because we were not going to be together.

first thanksgiving by treeAfter all of our Thanksgivings, we realized we actually really liked each other and him leaving was going to be little harder than we thought.  Meeting each other’s families and really liking each of them brought our dating to a new level.  We then decided since I had two weeks off for Christmas break, I would fly out to visit him.  I spent the whole two weeks with him in Michigan and that pretty much sealed the deal.  We could not break up!  I moved out to Michigan that June.  I didn’t get to live there too long, as the job market was terrible.  I moved back to Minnesota at the end of September and the Thanksgiving of ’07 I was driving back in a moving truck with Nue so he could be in Minnesota with me.

Shortly after that, we were engaged in February and married in June.  My Aunt Nancy, who laughed the day I said I was not marrying him, reminded me of that Thanksgiving and said she knew that he was the one that day!  I will always hold the holiday of Thanksgiving in my heart, as we have had so many wonderful memories of that holiday!

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