UK Celebrity Couple Visits eHarmony Labs

As we continue to grow our brand in the UK, one of the most important messages for us to communicate is eHarmony’s rigorous approach to conducting relationship research in our own observational lab facility, eHarmony Labs.

When I talk to people about eHarmony I always discuss eHarmony Labs, as our commitment to conducting relationship research is what makes eHarmony so unique and so successful.  The UK team decided we wanted UK consumers to have a better understanding of how our team of research scientists, led by Dr Gian Gonzaga, gain insight into finding and maintaining happy relationships.

The best way for us to show how the Labs works was to have a British couple’s relationship analysed. And so, I travelled to Pasadena with Laurence and Jackie Llewellyn-Bowen. Laurence and Jackie are incredibly well known TV presenters in the UK. They also have their own range of home furnishings, designed by Laurence, who is an interior designer by trade.  (If you think Laurence looks familiar, his hit UK TV show, “Changing Rooms”, was picked up in the US and renamed as “Trading Spaces”).

Laurence and Jackie arrived at the Labs in Pasadena having just celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary, which made this the perfect test. Could our scientists tell them something about their relationship that after 20 years they didn’t know?

From the positive emotions they share with each other and their shared values and humour, to the way Laurence and Jackie discuss conflict, the couple were pleasantly surprised at how Dr Gonzaga was able to offer them insight into what makes their partnership so strong.

Laurence and Jackie have since appeared in the Daily Mail, a UK national newspaper, and conducted a number of radio interviews to share a first-hand account of their experiences at eHarmony Labs. In doing so, we hope that UK consumers will have a better sense of how eHarmony Labs works and how we use the knowledge gained from our research to constantly improve our services.

Laurence and Jackie Llewellyn-Bowen at eHarmony Labs with Dr Gian Gonzaga.

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