The Secret of Success on eHarmony? Tell a Complete Story About You.

When you receive a new match, it’s exciting to view photos, read about their interests, and discover details that could lead to a connection between the two of you. But when you get a match who doesn’t post photos or gives one-word answers to their profile questions, it kinda bums you out, right?

So don’t be that match! Do the legwork to show your matches what a great catch you really are. Here’s how:

1) Smile for the camera. That’s right, post photos! Users who post photos are 9 times more likely to get requests for communication.

2) Talk about yourself. Answer the “My Profile” questions thoroughly. It may be challenging and take some time to come up with some thoughtful responses, but trust us, it’s worth it—your matches will love getting that insight into what makes you tick. If you get stuck and need some help, the eHarmony Advice community is happy to help—go to the Profile Review ( section and get input from people who’ve been there.

3) Spark conversation. The “Something to Talk About” questions are meant to serve as ways to break the ice with your matches. Think about it—when you meet someone in person for the first time, the easiest way to start talking is to find something in common. If you answer the questions about what TV shows you must see, where you went to school, what team you root for and the like, it’s like sending your matches an invitation to talk to you. You never know where that could lead.

You know the old adage that you only get out of something what you put into it, so take some time with your profile, put your best foot forward, and watch what happens. We’re rooting for you!

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