The Recipe for a Perfect Date: Add Eggs

Today’s guest blogger is Samantha Sotto, author of the brand new novel, Before Ever After. In the book, our heroine Shelley is smitten with her scruffy, European tour guide, Max, from the very start, but it is through his stories and his cooking that he wins her heart.  They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and Max – funny, smart, haunted by a secret he feels he can never reveal – is particularly adept at whipping up a delicious meal of baked eggs with cheese, proving that the way to a woman’s heart may be through her stomach too.  Here, Sotto shares her ideas to get that date off to a great start!

What to do on a first date? Follow that rooster.

Roosters are masters of the dating scene and they didn’t get that way by being cocky. Their secret? Grain and good manners. The rooster’s mating ritual involves leading his hen to food
by clucking distinctively.  Being the gentleman that he is, he allows his date to eat first. (One might argue that his ulterior motive for doing this is so that he can climb onto the back of the
feeding hen and um, take their relationship to the next level, but let’s set judgment aside for now and see what we can learn from our feathered friend.)  Food and common courtesy will get you far on a date – and if you happen to cook your date’s meal, that’s even better.

What to cook? What to cook?

Chicken and eggs of course – and in this instance, the egg should always come first. Ply your date with an egg appetizer. Eggs are said to be natural aphrodisiacs. Some people believe that raw eggs increase your libido,
but even if you aren’t a big fan of salmonella and prefer your eggs cooked, you aren’t missing out. A good alternative would be deviled eggs topped with caviar. Chicken eggs are high in vitamins B5 and B6 that help you relax and balance hormones while those little black fish eggs stimulate testosterone production. Can you think of a more deliciously potent combination? For your main course, choose a poultry dish that you can
prepare in advance and leave to simmer or roast while you attend to your date. It will fill your place with the scent of full fat promise and will be the warmest welcome you can give your date. Even if your masterpiece doesn’t turn out as well as it should, the worst case is that it will taste like chicken.

Don’t end with dessert.

Egg desserts are great, but as much as I love a good crème brulee, lemon meringue pie, and passion fruit pavlova, they should not be the highlight of your evening. That honor should be reserved for The Kiss.  And this is where our chicken lesson ends. (The only type of kissing chickens do is called a cloacal kiss, and trust me, you don’t want to Google that.)  There aren’t very many rules when it comes to kissing, but I’ve learned that it’s always a good idea to refrain from pecking, crowing, or flapping your arms while you’re at it. I do, however, recommend that you keep Helen Rowland’s wise words in mind: “Love, like a chicken salad or restaurant hash, must be taken with blind faith or it loses its flavor.”


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