The Most Important Questions You Can Ask

big questions to ask yourself in dating and loveOne of our favorite guest bloggers, Barbara Waxman, returns with words of wisdom for the new year. I love the fact that I am seeing a common theme here — to ditch superficial resolutions and think bigger!

Have you noticed that conversations are beginning to take on that familiar new year cadence? Friends, family and colleagues are sharing ideas about resolutions, about things they are determined to change about themselves.

Last year 45% of us made New Year’s Resolutions, yet in spite of good intentions, only 14% of us achieved them, according to the Journal of Clinical Psychology. These were not insurmountable goals; the top 3 resolutions were to lose weight, to get organized and to spend less/save more.

So why do so few of us accomplish what we set out to change? We make these commitments and at the same time only half-heartedly expect them to come to fruition. It’s not because these aren’t worthwhile goals or that we don’t care. They just are not answers to the kinds of questions that we really need to ask ourselves. We need to ask the game-changing questions that will yield our true commitment.

Take a new approach in 2014. Rather than obsessing about losing weight, try asking yourself how you can actively seek to make yourself and the world a better place.

• Rather than losing sleep over regrets, ask yourself: ‘How I can leave a legacy so that my values live on?’

• Rather than holding on to old battles, ask yourself: ‘Do I communicate honestly, openly and fairly?’

• Rather than focusing on the last 5 pounds, ask yourself: ‘What makes you come alive?’

Create a vivid picture describing your well-lived life. Only then can you create an authentic action plan to measure progress towards those goals.

Try it out and let me know what happens.

About the Author:

Barbara Waxman, President and founder of the Odyssey Group, works with business owners, executives and individuals to increase their personal and professional capacity and their ability to deliver concrete results. Barbara founded the Odyssey Group in 2005 in order to combine her skills as a coach, a gerontologist and a seasoned professional. Learn more about her Odyssey I retreat, referred to as a “spa day for the soul,” coming up on January 24.

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