The Meantime Guy: A Do or Don’t?

Many of my friends have settled into this complacent dating zone with what we like to refer to as a “meantime guy.” This is the guy they have fun with, hang out with, but also know that for whatever reason, won’t ever settle down with. Often times it is the meantime guy who is commitment phobic, but the ladies just accept this and choose to spend their time with him anyways (perhaps secretly hoping he will change his tune).

Now, if your objective is to spend your life with one partner or get into a committed relationship … should you choose to spend a lot of time and energy with this meantime guy? I think the answer is obvious, but I see it happening again and again. I have asked my girlfriends why they still invest anything into this situation, and the answer is usually, “ At least I am not alone. It’s someone to hang out with.”

I get that sometimes it may seem easier just to settle for this arrangement and live life in the moment, but ultimately, does the meantime guy help or hurt these women? I am sorry to say I have to give this situation, in most cases, a big don’t. I just feel that while you are hanging with MG, you aren’t noticing who else may be lurking in the background. Don’t you think these women would have a better shot at finding the right guy if their hearts and minds were open and clear, instead of distracted by MG? Maybe I am missing something…

I know it is a process and journey of self-discovery, but my hope is that all women in this situation have an “aha” moment soon. Would love to know your thoughts on this one!

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