The Economics of Online Dating

online dating statsWe all know that online dating has become a more and more realistic way of meeting somebody over recent years. A study of couples who were married between 2005 and 2012 showed that about one-third of them had met online, and about half of that one-third had used an online dating site, so roughly 16% of couples met online.

The study also showed that couples who met online were happier and less likely to divorce than those who meet offline. But what other benefits are there to finding love online?

A recent study by market strategists at ConvergEx Group, a New York-based global brokerage company, found that searching for love online can actually save you money in the dating phase of the relationship. The amount of time a couple who met offline spends dating is over twice as long as a couple who met online does before getting married. On average, offline couples spend 42 months dating before walking down the aisle, whereas those who met online spend 18.5 months before they hear wedding bells.

The analysts at ConvergEx Group estimated that dating couples go out together once a week on average. This translates to a cost of $100 for dinner, and $30 for two movie tickets and popcorn, making the dating phase of an offline marriage equal to $23,660.  This is $12,803 more than couples who met online spend for their dating phase. With online daters spending an average of $239 yearly for a membership to an online dating site, the analysts at ConvergEx Group explain that the online dating membership clearly pays itself off by saving a lot of money in the dating phase of the relationship.

Once the couples are married, chances of having nights out with one another likely diminish over time when things like starting a family come into play. The date nights may be fewer for some couples, but it would be interesting to see in future research if online and offline couples differ in the amount of date nights they have out. Since online couples have been found to be more satisfied with their relationships, they could perhaps also have more nights out with one another and spend more money on date nights when married than couples who met offline.

Does the financial aspect of online dating interest or matter to you?

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