The eBay of Dating: What Do You Think of Bidding on Dates?

No doubt you’ve heard of the site It is the kind of site that eventually had to be created. It creates a market for dates, with one side posting bids to date the other. The other side can accept those bids and a date is born. This idea is so simple and so off-putting as to be hard to grasp. It’s like eBay for dates.

The site just released average prices for a date, by city. The results are fascinating.

As reported in the New York Post, Denver holds the top spot as the city where men average paying the most for a date on this service: $221. Seattle is second at $197. Of course, we don’t know how many dates are actually taking place. speaks to a large number of users, but who really knows?

Just to clarify, these prices are what the men pay to the woman for the pleasure of going out with her. All other expenses are on top of that and not reflected here.

Denver $221
Seattle $197
Dallas/Fort Worth $178
Philadelphia $158
Washington, DC $154
Boston $151
New York City $145
Oklahoma City $143
Greenville, SC $142
Raleigh, NC $140

So, we’re curious what you think about this concept. Specifically, these questions:

1. Even though a date doesn’t necessarily include any intimacy do you see this as prostitution?
2. Is there an element of “These people deserve each other” to this site?
3. Is there a big difference in a woman who makes men pay to date her, and a woman who thinks that men should always pay for the date?
4. When looking at the prices, are you surprised? Did you think the average prices would be higher or lower?

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