The Biggest Jokers: From Washington DC!

April Fool’s Day is just around the corner, so we thought we’d check in with our eHarmony members to see who may be laughing the hardest during the holiday of hilarity. We asked them to rank how much they “enjoy a good joke” on a scale from 1 to 7. With over a half million responses, here’s what they had to say…

Who enjoys a joke more between men and women? If you guessed “both” then you are correct! On a scale from 1 to 7, the average score for both men and women came in at the same, 6.3.


So, in which state can you find the most joke-tellers? Actually, to be specific, it’s not a state at all but a district. That’s right! All those politics must have people in stitches because Washington DC ranked the highest above all the states at an average of 6.4. Here’s a rundown of the top 10:

1. Washington DC
2. New Jersey
3. Maryland
4. Illinois
5. Colorado
6. Florida
7. Georgia
8. South Carolina
9. Arizona
10. Arkansas

Bringing up the rear is our dear friend, New Hampshire in last place. C’mon, New Hampshirites! For a state that names the pumpkin as their state fruit, you’ve GOT to have a sense of humor!


Like a breath of fresh air, our younger members take the prize for the best to jest at age 24, ranking at an average of 6.5. After 24 the score steadily shrinks by about 1-2% each year. One of the most significant dips happens between the ages of 53 and 54 which is probably about the age of parents of, say, a joke-cracking 24-year-old? By the age of 70 the average tumbles into the 5 range on our 1 to 7 scale. Not to worry though, the trend peaks again when our members hit their 90’s. (Yep, that’s right, there are eHarmony members in their 90’s and even 100’s!) Long story short, take a page from our 24 and 90-year olds! Life is meant to be enjoyed.


Sample taken from 577,591 eHarmony members who completed the Relationship Questionnaire.

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