The Best Defense Against a Painful Breakup

No, it’s not drinking your sorrows away every night or moving onto the “next” as quickly as possible. Those band-aid solutions wouldn’t be needed (hopefully) if you have the following going for you already: you are a complete person with a full life.

I’ve seen this so many times, people who run from relationship to relationship, afraid to be alone with themselves. I’ve also seen friends completely lost, dazed and emotionally wrecked after a breakup. Of course it hurts — you feel rejection, loss and sadness. But I truly believe there is one thing that can help the sting of a relationship gone wrong.

It is crucial that before the new love interest came along, you were happy and content in your own life, or at least working to get there. For me, this means having a strong sense of self, good friends, passions, activities, and knowing that you are perfectly ok on your own.

I’ve also witnessed many friends who get into relationships — and poof — you hardly see them anymore. Those fair weather pals are usually the types that have the hardest time when love goes awry, and they must find their own identity and friends yet again.

It’s a process to get to that place of contentment and stability on your own, but it will definitely help as life throws different curve balls at you. And don’t forget the other relationships in your life that matter so much – your family and friends.

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