The Baby Name “Harmony” More Popular Than Ever

The list of most popular baby names was released from the Baby Center recently, and I wasn’t surprised that Aidan was on the top of the list for boys for the sixth year in a row. It shows the continuing impact of Sex and the City, and I think it’s somewhat questionable that millions of little boys will grow up with the namesake of a character who got brutally dumped. But I’m totally on Team Big, just so you know.

The most popular girls’ baby name is Sophia, which is super cute when they’re young and has a sophisticated air when they’re adults. I can just imagine pinching a cute baby Sophia’s chubby little cheeks. Awww.

The users of our sister site, JustMommies, rank Kingston and Chloe as their top baby names.

Every so often, we hear from success couples who named their baby “Harmony” to acknowledge how they met, so I decided to do a bit of digging to see where that name ranked in the scheme of things.

There’s this really cool tool called NameVoyager that’s fun to play with for hours. But not when I’m working, of course. FYI, my name hit the peak of popularity in the 1950s with a rank of 13. Now, “Pam” is 845th.

According to NameVoyager, “Harmony” didn’t rank at all in the 1990s. However, from 2003 to 2009 it increased 135%. Last year Harmony ranked 254th, which is the most popular it’s ever been. It’s climbing up the charts—and we’re rooting for it to crack into the top 100 in the next few years!

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