Thank You, Customer Care!

Working at eHarmony is rewarding, especially when we hear about another great couple falling in love through our site.  But it feels even better when the happy Success Story couple let us know that Customer Care agents had a specific role in making their relationship come about.

melonee-and-joeTake Melonee and Joe, who married in January. Melonee wrote in to tell us, “I wanted you at eHarmony to know how much I appreciate the many times a customer service representative encouraged me to keep trying.”  Click here to read their story.

Wayne and Elizabeth, a couple who met through our site and became engaged on June 30th, also recognized Customer Care for their help. Wayne tells us that before he met Elizabeth, he was on a call with an eHarmony representative, recommending that he increase his mileage settings one step up. She explained him that “If the love of your life is just beyond the mileage that you set, you would miss out on that opportunity.” After a little more discussion on that subject, Wayne decided to increase the miles. According to Wayne, “If it wasn’t for that representative… I would have never met Beth.” We’re so excited that we made Wayne and Elizabeth’s success possible!

Another recent Success Story customer had great praise for our Customer Care agent named Ronald, who was “so helpful and genuinely excited that I found someone special.”  It’s a great feeling to know that Customer Care has had a direct impact on our customers, and I beam with pride every time we get another email thanking us for being a guidepost along the road to love.

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