Success Couple Shares Amazing Commonalities


We were all blown away when we received this success story. Rob and Molly of Seattle, Wash. have unbelievable things in common. I’m sure you’ll get goose bumps after reading it just like we did. Rob and Molly, congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! You were destined for a great life together.

About five weeks into dating Molly, my mom was driving through Seattle and stopped in for dinner.  Naturally, I was excited to introduce her to Molly.  After about an hour of conversations like jobs, friends, sports, college, religion and pets, we finally got to family.  Molly told my mom that her mother had attended Queen Anne High School.  My Mom calmly asked what her maiden name was, and it all started from there (by “started” I mean a jaw-dropping gasp followed by a five-minute dumbfounded look).

It turns out that not only did our moms go to high school together (my mom is two years older than Molly’s), but Molly’s mom was in the same graduating class as my aunt and uncle (they were high school sweethearts).  This by itself was fun to discover, but it was nothing in comparison to the discovery that our grandparents were best friends!  My Grandpa Jack and Grandma Barbara were like peas in a pod with Molly’s Grandpa Bob and Grandma Betty Carol.

As you can imagine, after that night of dinner, both of our families quickly learned of the coincidence.  Pictures started surfacing of our grandparents having dinner together, playing with the kids together, and every once in a while, having cocktails together (apparently all four were fans of a stiff martini).

Molly and I went to her Aunt and Uncle’s for Easter dinner a few weeks later, only to see the wedding present my grandparents gave them years earlier.   A few weeks after that, my mom dropped off a painting Molly’s grandmother had painted and given to my grandmother as a present long ago.  These things were all small gifts and keepsakes that tied our families together long before eHarmony even knew who we were.

After a year of dating, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Molly (I actually knew about two months into our relationship, but it took a year to grow enough guts to propose).  That said, I decided to completely surprise her with a ring, dinner out and a surprise party with our family and friends.  At the surprise party, my parents presented us with a gift that will hang on our wall forever.  Somehow and somewhere they found a framed copy of my grandparents’ wedding certificate—signed by their witnesses, Molly’s grandparents. Unfortunately, none of our grandparents are with us anymore, but we definitely know they are smiling at the thought of Molly and I walking down the aisle together.

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