Smile for the Camera

eHarmony Success Couple UKWhilst we may be getting our first success stories in, we already have a number of UK couples who are married thanks to meeting on before our UK site launched.  One couple who I speak with quite often is Marsha and Graham. They met on in 2004 and married in September 2005; they now have a baby girl, Michaela.

I recently commandeered Marsha and Graham’s Sunday afternoon – thank you guys for letting us invade your home—to take some pictures of them for our UK marketing campaign.  It was so much fun to meet both Marsha and Graham in person and hear a little more about their incredible story. As always it made me realise what an amazing platform the Internet is. They actually lived half a mile away from each other when they were growing up, but had never met until eHarmony matched them!

The photography shoot itself was a great success. We took over 100 pictures in the course of the afternoon and I’ve included one for you to view along with the resulting tube advert.  We had a lot of fun taking these images and it was amazing to see a couple very much in love, thanks to eHarmony. It has to be said that Marsha is also a fantastic cook, and made myself and the crew chocolate cake – which was very much appreciated. So all in all it was a great Sunday afternoon.


Here's the result of Marsha and Graham's photo shoot: an advertisement that ran in tube carriages in London.

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