Single and Dating in America

Single and dating in America?  You’re not alone.  A 2006 study found that 16% of single Americans are hunting for a partner, which represents 7% of the US adult population.  Most singles actively looking for a partner felt it was difficult to meet others (55%).  Interestingly, 43% said it was easy to meet people and 2% said they didn’t know.

When asked how many dates they had in the past three months, singles looking for a partner said the following:

  • 25% went on 5 or more dates
  • 22% went on 2-4 dates
  • 13% went on 1 date
  • 36% hadn’t been on any dates in the past 3 months

Oddly enough, there were more singles not looking for a partner than looking for a partner, with 26% of US adults not married and not looking.  Although it is possible that a good portion of those unmarried people were in a romantic relationship already.

It’s been a while since this research was done.  How do these findings compare to you?  How many dates have you been on in the last 3 months?

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