The Sexiest Movies, According to eHarmony Users

Can movies be a subtle turn-on, or a total turn-off? The answer is yes. I had eHarmony Research Scientist Jonathan Beber take a look over the last year at the most popular movies mentioned in eHarmony subscriber profiles, and the impact mentioning a particular film could have on communication and interest. I am happy to report that some of my favorite flicks made the lists (‘Wedding Crashers’), and admit I had no idea what a big deal ‘Step Brothers’ apparently is! For real.

On average, eHarmony users mention 2 movies in their profile. According to Beber, people who mention at least one film were found to value monogamy and exclusivity in relationships more, and value emotional openness with a partner more than those who didn’t list a flick. Movie watchers were also found to be less avoidant (more comfortable building secure, attachment-style relationships), and less athletic. Check out what other features are made the cut:




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