Seven Staples of Good Dating Behavior

I love when I can find solid dating advice from a sixteenth-century scholar. It reminds me that despite the modern world we live in, people haven’t really changed much on a fundamental level.  We can still gossip too much, brag too much or be way too self-involved. These extremely wise tips come from Erasmus, and were written in 1500 A.D. I found them on Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project (love her!).

These were actually written for children, but apply to those dating and in relationships (or not, they’re just great reminders for how to be a good person).

Thou shall not:

1. Gossip. Can you imagine if you were on a first date and the guy was already dishing about his friends or family? Yuck. Gossiping about anyone at anytime, honestly, just makes the other person think: “Hmmm…so what are  you saying about me behind my back?”

2. Tell Unkind Stories. Finding amusement in other’s misfortunes is never a good thing. Sharing their mishaps is even worse.

3. Boast. Bragging is often a sign of insecurity. Avoid it at all costs.

4. Indulge in Self-Display. There is nothing more attractive than someone who can be subtle and modest. This is the kind of person who truly has it goin’ on.

5. Seek to Defeat Others in an Argument. Ah, the need to win or be right. Where does it get you? Often times…alone. This is something I admit needing to work on!

6. Interrupt People When They Tell a Story. Letting others talk, and really listening, is an underrated but amazing quality.

7. Be Too Inquisitive. Some people are comfortable sharing lots of details about their personal lives. Others take more time to reveal themselves. Recognizing this, and giving someone  the respect to go at their own pace, is a very wise dating trait. Pushy = turn-off!

Which of these traits is most important to you? Which are you guilty of most?

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