Searching for the UK’s Top Love Songs

Hello, I’m Helen from eHarmony’s UK office. The eHarmony UK team is very excited about a new music application we’ve recently launched. We all know that some of the greatest musicians hail from this side of the Pond – from the Beatles and the Rolling Stones to our very own Idol winner, Leona Lewis. However, ask anyone what the best 10 love songs are and you will get an incredibly mixed bag of suggestions. That’s where “Perfect Mixtape” comes in. Now everyone can create playlists and share their 10 favourite love songs.

The Perfect Mixtape generator is free and open to all, so dust off an old tape from your youth or put together a new collection of the songs that move you now. All of the mixtapes created can be rated by visitors to the site and each week the creator of the highest rated mixtape, originating from the UK, wins an iPod Touch.

Curious to know what the top-rated love song is? Find out at

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