’s Money-Saving Wedding Craft Ideas

Hi there! I’m Margaret and I co-founded, another one of one of eHarmony’s wedding planning sites. is wedding-planning website filled with inspirational photos, vendor reviews, and a community of brides who help each other plan their wedding. In the past few months, I have met a lot of engaged couples who are looking for inexpensive and creative do-it-yourself projects that infuse their personal style into their wedding to make it truly theirs. Here are some of my favorite do it yourself projects from, with some projects rolling in at only 10% of the average cost!

1. Tea Light Lanterns. ( Skip the $50 centerpiece and $3 favors, and hang these $1 lanterns in the center of your table for an elegant candlelight dinner that doubles as a lovely personalized favor.

2. Old Fashioned Soda Bar. ( Add a little fizz and some retro fun to your wedding with a colorful soda bar! Stylish. Fun. Easy to do!

3. Mini Wedding Cake Favors. ( Everyone loves the elegant chocolate wedding cake favors, but not everyone loves the $5 per person price tag! Instead, opt for these whimsical home-baked mini cakes, and feed your entire wedding for 90% less cost!

4. Bridal Bouquets. ( Do you or someone you know have a green thumb? If so, you may be able to arrange your own bridal bouquet to save yourself a bundle! Not only is it budget-savvy, it’s friendly to the environment as well. Try using lush blooms like hydrangeas.

5. Candy Buffets. ( Who doesn’t have a sweet spot for candy? Not only do they look beautiful, these personalized candy buffets are a fun and interactive way to impress your guests.

These are just a few inspirational examples of how, with a little bit of creativity, couples can achieve their dream wedding filled with personal style and charm.

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