Popular eHarmony Advice Article: What are Your ‘Green Flags’?

green flag

Often, we look for red flags in relationships as excuses to bolt. While discerning serious red flags is important, only concentrating on minor red flags (which I like to call “pink” flags) can sink a relationship before it even starts. Recently, eHarmony Advice asked the community to name their green flags—the important things they’re looking for in a partner.

Several eHarmony Advice members posted their thoughts, and their green flags ranged from thoughtfulness and honesty to compatibility and humor. Click here to read more of their comments.

The notion of green flags fits with one of eHarmony’s steps of Guided Communication, in which you’re encouraged to develop your own list of “Must Haves” and “Can’t Stands” and share them with your matches. Composing this list is a great way for you to focus on exactly what you want in a relationship—and what you don’t.

Even if you’re not on eHarmony, it can be a fun and educational process to develop your list of Must Haves. When you’ve put some thought into what’s important to you, you’ll be attuned to those attributes in potential partners that could lead to a “green” relationship—growing, healthy, and thriving.

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