Pay it Forward: Float Your Votes for Nicole and Gerald!

Take a second out of your day to help someone else fulfill a dream! eHarmony Success Couple Nicole and Gerald are in fierce competition to have their dream wedding right aboard a Rose Bowl Parade float! Can you imagine!?

The couple met just over 6 years ago on eHarmony and are now ready to tie the knot in a very public way (in front of 50 million people)!

About Gerald and Nicole:

The two actually went to the same high school in Virginia, but never connected — although Nicole admitted to having a secret crush on Gerald!

It wasn’t until years later, when matched by eHarmony, that the two reconnected. Gerald said he knew she was the one for him about a minute into their first date, when she walked into the room and gave him a big hug. “She has the  biggest heart in the world. She is willing to do anything and everything for anybody.” What does Nicole love about Gerald? “He helps balance me out…he’s always there to love me for who I am. He makes me want to be a better person. We are fiercely in love and dedicated to each other.”

The details: The winning couple will get married on the Farmers Insurance Love Float, as part of the 2013 Rose Parade on New Year’s Day. There are 4 finalists – so let’s make them the winner!

Just visit the Farmer’s Insurance Facebook page and vote for Gerald and Nicole.

Voting starts October 30 and runs through November 13.

Thank you so much for helping them create an unforgettable memory – and the start of an incredible journey together.

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